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How To Make Pure THC Honey Oil Resin From Marijuana

Written By: Bud Oilerman

I dedicate this recipe to everyone who enjoys THC.
I dedicate this recipe to my children: Bud Jr. and Mary.
I dedicate this recipe to the joy of my life: Wife Barb.

Welcome and I hope you really enjoy this making marijuana honey oil recipe. The following marijuana cooking oil recipe is for information purposes only, I urge no one to do anything illegal. I have been making marijuana honey oil since 1979 and stopped in 1999. Presented are step by step instructions. Combined is a list of everyday materials needed and good places to acquire them. The whole process consists of three parts called preparation, cooking, and finishing. Recommend for safety are certain proportions and ratios of materials to be used for this recipe. Experienced cookers can increase or decrease these ratios to make more or less honey oil. You'll see imagination and creativity to substitute materials where necessary. Once the final product is finished it'll be one of the most potent forms of THC. This recipe is for OUTDOORS ONLY. People may decide to make marijuana honey oil indoors but I do not recommend this. Only experienced people should attempt indoor cooking. Find a nice outdoors spot where you can run a power cord to. I used to run a power cord out to my old car and cook in the trunk of it. The neighbors don’t have a clue. You will be using a very highly flammable material called isopropyl alcohol. Always use LOW HEAT. No smoking while cooking. Take care and things will run smoothly. Always watch what things are doing and PAY ATTENTION. Never leave and go to the bathroom or something. The important cooking process in the recommended recipe takes around one hour. Be prepared to pay attention to it for that amount of time. Bigger batches mean longer cooking periods. Any questions not answered in the recipe can be directed to the website

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DISCLAIMER: The information in the Brain Resin CD is written for mature audiences that intend responsible actions only. Medical permit holders and prescribing physicians may find the information a healthier way to administer medical marijuana.

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