Marijuana extracts known as rosin.

Brain Resin Mission: Brain Resin products are all about healthy marijuana extracts. For over 50 years our group of marijuana concentrate technicians have studied extraction methods. The following information is intended for mature persons only. Intended to help for legal health reasons only. Check your local laws.

Marijuana Extracts can be made without chemicals and solvents.

Marijuana extract products have increased concentrations of THC and CBD. Medicinal cannabis users will benefit from the Brain Resin line of products. Consume far less to get the desired health effect. Flower tops produce the best results. There are numerous methods with step by step procedures for turning marijuana into oil textured products. You’ll agree marijuana extracts are one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis.

Marijuana Extracts Rosin Technology

Making marijuana extracts known as rosin on a manual heat press.

Rosin technology creates marijuana extracts naturally. No solvents are used. No one has chemically altered the process. It is not genetically modified or artificially enhanced. Perhaps the purest marijuana extract in history.

The science combines marijuana plus heat plus pressure to equal rosin. Rosin heat presses have hit the online market. People are making manual, hydraulic and pneumatic rosin presses. It’s a simple process. It’s easy to get your press, some semi-dry marijuana buds with parchment paper to produce your own rosin. The trick is to get to know the temperature setting, pressure time length and bud size for your particular type of marijuana. This will get you the highest return of rosin from your buds. Rosin is the all natural marijuana extract.

Marijuana rosin extracts are available through a convenient Shop Online opportunity.

How to Make Marijuana Extracts – Old Time D.I.Y. Hash Oil

How to make marijuana extracts known as honey oil.

How To Make Marijuana Hash Oil Outdoors

Instructions for extracting marijuana THC hash oil resin the old fashioned way.
by Bud Oilerman
written in the year 2000

Table of Contents

1. How To Make Marijuana Hash Oil
2. Equipment and Materials To Make Marijuana Honey Oil
3. Preparation For Extracting Hash Honey Oil From Marijuana
4. Cooking Marijuana Into Hash Honey Oil
5. Finishing Making Marijuana Honey Oil

How To Smoke Marijuana Extracts

You need a good hot source to reach the smoking point quickly. Toke through a hollow tube or straw as they capture the smoke without waste.

  1. Artisan hand made glass rigs utilize hot glass or titanium nails. Different sized nails accommodate 420 personalities. Super clean consumption method.
  2. A favorite way to consume marijuana THC hash oil is through a vaporizer. No harsh toxins get through. Smoke longer in life, smoke cooler on your lungs, get buzzed many times over, use less product to get higher. Vaporizers are the healthiest and happiest way to go.
  3. Another good way to smoke the honey oil is by charcoal hockey puck. Available at most head shops, charcoal pucks burn clean leaving no residue or aftertaste. Drop a small pin load on your puck and haul away.
  4. Hot knives being heated by a propane torch will give you a good hoot but watch out for sucking in the heat off the knife. Use a straw to get your blast off the hot knives.
  5. Pick up some oil with a big pin and spread it on a rolling paper. Add some weed, tobacco, or favorite herbal smoke and roll it up.
  6. Drop some off the head of a pin onto a cigarette or cigar. Be quick and agile with your cigarette, the honey sometimes rolls off the end of the heater if you’re not careful.
  7. Drop a small pin load onto your red hot car lighter, a quick and easy way to smoke on the go.
  8. Get creative, we’re sure you can come up with cool ways to ignite the sweet nectar of Mary.
  9. Marijuana Vaporizers where you can check usage, reviews and experiments for the type of marijuana vaporizers suited best for you.