Rosin Extract aka Honey Hash Oil

Super clean rosin cannabis honey oil.

Rosin Extract is our favourite product. Hand crafted in small batches from pure organic cannabis flowers to give you the highest THC%. A popular item for sale, rosin is seen here glowing as honey, memorable so site visitors have to have it. Just like the honey hash oil of yesterday’s technology. This day and age the terpenes are preserved in the process. THC and CBD is kept pristine.

Brain Resin Main Message

Our business is making the best rosin marijuana extract since 2013. Every gram is hand made by highly trained Brain Resin technicians. The process uses mechanical presses. However some strains produce better results when pressed by hand wand. Our business does not use any additives. Patented procedures lead to a lean, highly potent extract.

We grow our own organic cannabis. We test the cannabis so we can tell you the potency THC%, CBD% and terpene composition. This let’s you anticipate the flavour and mind/body effects. Small crafted batches are made fresh, just for your order.

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