How to Make Marijuana Honey Hash Oil

Liquid THC made from BC King buds. This photograph was chosen as a picture of the day.

NOTICE: The following information is intended for mature persons only, to help for legal health reasons only, check your local laws.

Welcome to Brain Resin, for those who are in the know on how to make hash oil aka honey oil, pure liquid THC, a well known medically potent marijuana resin product. My name is Bud Oilerman. For decades I've studied numerous online how to make marijuana oil extraction methods. Making marijuana honey oil is solely intended for medicinal purposes only. This liquid product has a many times more the potent concentration of THC than normal smoking or cooking marijuana. Medicinal cannabis users will benefit from the Brain Resin production and extraction methods by learning it's possible to consume far less to get the desired health effect. It is recommended you consult your medical doctor. Decades of experience for the entire process of making hash oil can finally be presented to you. Everyone has smoked it and most are curious to know about a cooking marijuana oil extraction recipe. The entire pot plant is used, including the leaves, stems, stalk and flowers. No cannabis weed goes to waste. Flower tops are how to turn marijuana crystal into honey oil that will produce the best recipe. There are numerous methods and step by step procedures for turning marijuana into honey oil and the reactions to expect. If you scour the Internet you'll find what equipment is used, what supplies people purchase and where the resources are for numerous recipes. Making honey oil does not take very long, is not very expensive, but is dangerous and not recommended you try it. The THC crystal resin extraction techniques are unique from anything or anyone else. Perhaps it's a healthier way for medical users to ingest the product, no green by-products or chemicals, they are filtered out. When you smoke the good taste, you will agree this is one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis.

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Extracting instructions for extracting marijuana thc hash oil resin.
by Bud Oilerman

Brain Resin Table of Contents

1. How To Make Pure THC Honey Oil Resin From Marijuana
2. Equipment and Materials To Make Marijuana Honey Oil
3. Preparation For Extracting Hash Honey Oil From Marijuana
4. Cooking Marijuana Into Hash Honey Oil
5. Finishing Making Marijuana Honey Oil

How To Smoke Marijuana Honey Hash Oil

You need a good hot source to reach the smoking point quickly. Toke through a hollow tube or straw as they capture the smoke without waste.

  1. My new favorite way to consume marijuana THC hash oil is through a vaporizer. No harsh toxins get through, smoke longer in life, smoke cooler on your lungs, get buzzed many times over, use less product to get higher. Vaporizers are the healthiest and happiest way to go.
  2. Another good way to smoke the honey oil is by charcoal hockey puck. Available at most head shops, charcoal pucks burn clean leaving no residue or aftertaste. Drop a small pin load on your puck and haul away.
  3. Hot knives being heated by a propane torch will give you a good hoot but watch out for sucking in the heat off the knife. Use a straw to get your blast off the hot knives.
  4. Pick up some oil with a big pin and spread it on a rolling paper. Add some weed, tobacco, or favorite herbal smoke and roll it up.
  5. Drop some off the head of a pin onto a cigarette or cigar. Be quick and agile with your cigarette, the honey sometimes rolls off the end of the heater if you're not careful.
  6. Drop a small pin load onto your red hot car lighter, a quick and easy way to smoke on the go.
  7. 7. Get creative, we're sure you can come up with cool ways to ignite the sweet nectar of Mary.

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Coconut marijuana oil is helping medical cannabis patients who are concerned that smoking weed is harmful to the lungs. THC, the most powerful medicinal compound in cannabis, is available by prescription from licensed physicians. For those who are prescribed a maximum dose, oral ingestion is preferred. Eating marijuana and ingesting by the stomach has a much better effect than smoking and ingesting by the lungs. Some patients have unsuitable reactions to cooking marijuana as it can lead to different thc absorption. Therefore doctors have a simple technique of cooking marijuana with coconut oil and the end result is placed into gelatin capsules. Brain Resin can be used all on it's own.

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I brought this home to keep my beautiful coconut lady happy after I stayed out all night cooking oil.  This photo is being used by many marijuana magazines. Hashish Oil.


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DISCLAIMER: The information in the Brain Resin CD is written for mature audiences that intend responsible actions only. Medical permit holders and prescribing physicians may find the information a healthier way to administer medical marijuana.

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